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  Fast Forward
Same Same
With: Takehisa Kosugi, David Moss, Ben Neill, Ikue Mori, David Shea, James Lo, Yuval Gabay, Guy Klucevsek, Michelle Kinney, Alex Tobias
  1. Simultaneous Music (27:32)
  2. The Yin-Yang Merger (20:26)
  3. Feeding Frenzy (24:45)
"The relentless sounds are absolutely spell-binding. The music is vibrant, immediate, and compelling; it fills the air with a tangible presence that you can almost reach out, grab, and embrace."

Fast Forward is a composer and performer best known for his compositions for percussion, and music theatre works for diverse instrumentation. His compositions push the juxtapositions of structured rhythms and total chaos to their limit, delivering a sonically dense and theatrically gripping performance. Same Same is a collection of live recordings from three concerts which took place in New York City during the period 1990-1994.

"It takes some kind of cool control and hot thoughfulness to translate industrial noise into the format of a concerto, but Fast Forward showed in can be done. An ambience and structure was set up that allowed the most mundane, funky materials (low-tech) to mix with high-tech and all of it came out sounding elegant and exciting."

"He thrives on chance encounters and makes a musical instrument of anything in his path."

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