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New Release

/RAW:ReSpace/ by Ulrich Krieger on XI Records, 2 CD release available  February 2016. This is the first-ever experimental noise-metal saxophone solo album. All sounds are saxophone-produced and performed live, no sampling and no purely electronic sounds. RAW and ReSpace are part of the ongoing Universe series.

Ulrich Krieger: electric tenor saxophone, saxophone-controlled feedback, pedals, delays; 1/4-inch jack cable, vocals; Joshua Carro drums (CD 1, tracks 3, 5)

CD 1: RAW: Desert Center (12:43); Trona (12:16); Needles (10:37); Shoshone (10:07); California City (17:32) CD 2: ReSpace (74:00)
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All of the XI CDs are available for sale from our website (www.xirecords.org), as well as from Forced Exposure (USA) (www.forcedexposure.com) and Amazon.com. Titles are also available through Metamkine (France) (www.metamkine.com) and Soundohm (Italy) (www.soundohm.com). All releases are also available digitally through outlets such as iTunes, Spotify.com, Amazon.com, emusic.com, boomkat.com and others.

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