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  Jackson Mac Low
Open Secrets
  1. 1st Milarepa Gatha (5:12)
  2. Milarepa Quartet for Four Like Instruments (3:46)
  3. Thanks (9:54)
  4. Winds/Instruments (18:53)
  5. 38th and 39th Merzgedichte in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters (1:53)
  6. Phoneme Dance in Memoriam John Cage (5:00)
  7. Lucas 1 to 29: For One or More Instrumentalists (24:29)
  8. Free Gatha 1 and Free Gatha 2 (5:12)
"Aphoristic bursts of music separated by silences played with efficiency and fleeting beauty."

Open Secrets features Mac Low and Anne Tardos performing works for multi-track voices; and Robert Bethea, Andrew Bolotowsky, Daniel Goode, and Gabriela Klassen performing instrumental pieces. Winds/Instruments for flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, and narrator, could well become a classic of new music, not only being beautiful, but also displaying Mac Low's witty use and love of words.

Jackson Mac Low was first published in 1942. His multi-faceted career covers music, poetry, painting, performance, radio, and multimedia. Widely recognized for his work in the 1960's Fluxus movement, Mac Low has continued to produce musical works that meld aspects of several disciplines. In 1954 he adopted nonintentional procedures, including chance operations, indeterminancy, and related methods, but has also written and composed extensively by intentional methods. His many "simultaneities" include musical, verbal, and visual elements, usually involving guided improvisation and indeterminancy.

"Mac Low, one of our true inventors, creates new modes and brings us back to the oldest possibilties of sound and language as they enter poetry and music and performance."

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