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  Richard Lainhart
Ten Thousand Shades of Blue
Disc 1:
  1. Bronze Cloud Disk (32:40)
  2. Two Mirrors Face One Another (40:10)
Disc 2
  1. Cities of Light (36:15)
  2. Ten Thousand Shades of Blue (11:27)
  3. Staring at the Moon (8:30)
  4. Walking Slowly Backwards (6:46)

"...seemed to evoke feelings that can't quite be named, and suggest music I might rather imagine for myself in silence than trust most composers to compose."

Bronze Cloud Disk (1975) for multitracked, processed bowed tam-tam; Two Mirrors Face One Another (1976) for multitracked, processed bowed Japanese temple bells; Cities of Light (1980) for multitracked, processed voice; Ten Thousand Shades of Blue (1985) for realtime interactive computer music system; Staring at the Moon (1987) for realtime interactive computer music system with bowed and struck vibraphone; Walking Slowly Backwards (1989) for vibraphone

Lainhart’s music rings true to the spirit of possibility that once defined electronic music. It brings with it a sense of past, present and future that transcends time, technology and cultural assumptions. It’s a music that is beholden to no one, yet informed by a diverse sphere of appreciations, rich in both intellectual and emotional interest, at once distant and interior, actual and implied.

Lainhart’s sounds change slowly in their overall shapes. But the changes are slow to keep us aware of the processes of transition that the sounds contain. As Lainhart says it, "The natural processes that I tend to like and observe are slow processes, that bear up under active listening...and that active listening at a level of greater detail, so my sounds are sufficiently complex so that they can be listened to in depth."

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