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  Peter Zummo
Experimenting With Household Chemicals
    A Piece in Six Movements
  1. Fresh Batteries (6:57)
  2. Includes Free Information (17:33)
  3. Sung, Played, Heard (13:45)
  4. Rocket Scientist (9:45)
  5. In Three Movements (9:54)
  6. Peaceful Transportation (10:50)
"Mr. Zummo's music evokes Minimalism that's just getting up in the morning, still rubbing its eyes; the hard, rational edges and crisp patterns haven't yet come into focus. But while the music sounds relaxed, it also shows a calm, self-effacing intelligence."

Experimenting With Household Chemicals explores a trombone-specific method for generating melodic movement, as well as a collection of related, "spinoff" melodic material for ensemble. This method is a new way of seeing and combining slide and lip movements, so that performance can precisely follow well-defined mental diagrams while generating unexpected melodic material not conditioned by other, more common musical habits.

"Where many composers are opting for declarative sentences, hyperbole, and non sequiturs, Zummo's statements are full of witty asides and sly implications; he might mean what he seems to be saying, but you can't be sure."

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