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  Logos Duo Godfried-Willem Raes & Moniek Darge
Logos Works
  1. Shifts (11:06)
  2. Man-Mo (18:24)
  3. Jonas (2:17)
  4. ShSh (3:34)
  5. Fuga Memento (7:36)
  6. AlviCeba (4:16)
  7. Fuga Otto Nove (7:19)
  8. Spring Œ94 (4:43)
"The duo has a rugged individualism which gives it a distinct American flavor absent from most European modernists."

Logos Works contains eight works by the Logos Duo featuring both Darge and Raes on various instruments, as well as other performers on a wide range of instruments. "This latest recording comes as they look back upon 25 years of collaboration as the Logos Duo. More than a retrospective, we see them affirming a long artistic relationship and forging new horizons--together and on divergent musical paths. In this, their work is a metaphorical journey: an inward exploration of the elegance of algorithmic composition and a voyage out into distant soundscapes. This CD from Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge is both a literal and figurative journey; in sound and music we have the Yin­Yang energy that is the Logos Duo. Enjoy listening!"

"I particularly liked Man­Mo, a mood piece by Darge, incorporating insect sounds recorded in the bush near Darwin and used to complement Raes playing clarinet and Darge on violin.This was a most successful evocation of primordial night. I imagine that Bartok, with his penchant for suggesting nocturnal nature in his music, would have loved it. A great deal of music and music theatre work written nowadays dwells on the less attractive aspects of the human condition--anxiety, violence, hysteria and sleaze. How refreshing, then, to encounter the gentleness of Man­Mo."

"Logos Duo, one of Europe's leading ensembles for avant-garde music, multi-media performance and improvisation,"

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