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  Eliane Radigue
Trilogie de la Mort

Disc One Kyema (61:22)
Disc Two Kailasha (56:08)
Disc Three Koumé (51:17)
Voted one of 1998's top 15 Records Of The Year in Modern Composition by the writers and critics of The Wire, Trilogie de la Mort is a work in three parts for anologue Arp synthesizer. The first third of the work, Kyema is inspired by The Tibetan Book of the Dead and invokes the six intermediate states that constitute the existential continuity of the being. Kailasha, the second chapter, is structured on an imaginary pilgrimage around Mt. Kailash, one of the most sacred mountains in the Himalayas. Koumé, makes up the last part of the trilogy and emphasizes the transcendence of death.

Eliane Radigue works with electronic sounds on tape to create an ambiance within which sound seems to move in a continual flow around the listener. Her music has been described as "infinitely discreet...next to which all other music seems to be tugging at one's sleeve for attention."

"Eliane Radigue's music explores an expanded universe of which technology is a part. She has discovered things in electronic sound which powerfully affect our psyches."

"I'm wowed when abundant work and detail combine for an effortless, natural effect."

NOTE: Disc One of this recording was released previously by XI in 1991 as Kyema, Intermediate States (XI 103).

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